BrainBrian Brassey is as unique of an individual as the homes he builds.  A native of New Zealand and celebrating over 25 years in Park City, Utah, he has an innate love of the mountain lifestyle driving his ability to blend the beauty of nature with diverse architecture.  Brian’s pleasant, vibrant, and positive approach to any given situation ensures a smooth and rewarding building experience.  Brian fully engages his expertise in each home he constructs to create a personalized masterpiece. From the design stages to lifelong relationships, every detail is encompassed with clarity, precision and creativity.  He can see your dream, and has the team to build it.  This sets Brassey & Company apart as an industry leader in today’s marketplace.  Brian is a companion in building strong customer relationships through his brilliant, insightful and professional demeanor.  Your choice to build with Brassey & Company will exceed your expectations.

9524_1242786838232_4192336_nBrassey & Company’s has a strong reputation as a winning team with over 15 years as a custom builder in Park City.  Brian Brassey, together with his staff and loyal team of subcontractors and suppliers, builds the ultimate art form: masterfully blending rock, wood, color with ergonomics and the environment from the ground up.  Artistic forms and shapes encompass space beyond the four walls and a roof that you can call home and your friends may never want to leave.  With Brassey & Company you will receive a complete package, orchestrated within the perimeters of each homeowner’s needs, wants, desires and budget.

Complete with activities that satisfy the mind, body and soul, a decision to build in the Park City area is a decision to live life to the fullest.  Brassey & Company’s homes reflect this commitment to live well.